Welcome to Saint Anthony’s 活动 & 俱乐部!

Here at Saint Anthony’s we feel a  key component of a well-rounded education  outside the regular academic program that may positively impact students’ success are extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities such as basketball, 棒球, 网球, 辩论, 国际象棋俱乐部, 学生会, 年鉴, 戏剧, choir and computer clubs can round out students’ academic careers to great effect.

Besides being fun and a great way to socialize with peers, extracurriculars can enhance students’ time management and stress management skills, improving overall productivity. Extracurricular activities also increase a candidate’s appeal when applying to college.

Saint Anthony’s High School offers its students a wide array of different activities and clubs throughout the  year.  Students are encouraged to participate in as many different activities and clubs as their schedule allows.
大发彩票 officers want to know what you do when you’re not in school, while transcripts and test scores play the biggest role in determining college admissions, extracurriculars can help students stand out from the crowd. They are a great way to show your individuality and demonstrate key qualities that college admissions boards want to see, like motivation and time-management. Saint Anthony’s students who participate in extracurricular activities will likely see an improvement in their academic and life skills, including discipline, 目标设定, 团队合作, accountability and responsibility. They will also find themselves better prepared for post-secondary education. 最终, students may even discover that the lessons they learned outside the classroom, on sports teams or in clubs, help them cope with future challenges in the workplace. 

Saint Anthony’s programs cater to various interests:

  • 俱乐部 (including sports, arts, music, publications and more)
  • 校园部
  • 表演艺术
  • 夏天的计划

Browse through the categories below to explore the many opportunities available.